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Today I've got two personal letters asking me about my tools for Ryusa.


The first is for eyes, it is a simple needle shaped as a knife. Then dentist's tools which I use carving inside, I think that everyone can buy such tools in a shop for dentist, about 6-9 pieces would be enough. Don't change their shape at once, during carving inside You'll understand better, which of them to use and to change more comfortable for your situation, when your first Ryusa is done You'll get several tools ready for the next!

"For any surface" are used outside Ryusa and other netsuke and sculptures, better for mammoth or another bone surface, I also use them for box-wood, but they must be very sharp, sometimes I look at them under the microscope for correcting and do them sharper.

"For wooden surface" - only for wood, they are very brittle for bone.

There are to curved files which are used for bone surface inside Ryusa or sculptures.



Please, don't forget that I've begun as a sculptor, not as a netsuke-shi, that's why my tools are not like traditional tools of a netsuke-shi! I'm also more a mammothcarver than a woodcarver! :D

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Search eBay for "dental tools" hundreds will be available.


Most if not all are soft stainless steel and will not hold a very good edge.





You are quite right Fred, dental tools are nigh on useless as carving tools.. I strongly recommend that any aspiring netsuke carver learns a how to make thier own tools using good quality high carbon steel. It really isn't that difficult and is absolutely fundamental to the craft. A limitation in this regard will always critically restrict ones ability to develop an origanal and expressive personal carving language.




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Hi, I use a lot of dental tools. But I agree the stainless steel ones are useless. They are to soft.

The tool I use are mostly very old ones made of carbon steel. I buy them on flea markets.

There's a lot of difference in the quality of these tool. The old ones are the best. Sometimes they

have a brass handle with carbon steel inserts.

On my site there are photo's of some of my tools.



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