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Hello from Saline Mich

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Hi, I am a new member. I carve small characters with a Character Carver of America (Floyd Rhadigan). I have been carving since late 99 and have enjoyed every minute. I have done a number of different types of carving including power, cotton bark and have even done my first bird. I tried fan carving and even soap stone. Somewhere in the early 2003/2004 time frame I discovered that if I wanted my instructor to have tool all the time it was up to me to help fund the tools. I became a Dockyard tool dealer out of this and have enjoyed both carving and selling (individual) tools. This has led to a great relationship with a number of instructors. I have made Dockyard tools available to instructors on a consignment basis for the last two years. I am always looking for new and exciting areas of carvng that might need micro carving tools. The latest area has been Polymer Metalic Clay and from that investment wax carving has developed. I do not know if I have more fun carving or talking to new people about carving. Either way I am having a great time.

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