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Arrowheads carved from alabaster

Denis A Bryant

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Hi, this is Denis Bryant and I wanted to post some pics of arrowheads that I carve from alabaster, I hope you enjoy them. I have also included a thunderbird carved from purple bee alabaster. I have shown in one picture a side view to show how thin these pieces are, very much like the the way they were really made. And in one pic the translucent quality of the stone can be seen, when light passes through it, the stone almost glowes. Soon I will post some pics of the way I display my work and some necklaces I make with the arrowheads I carve. Thanks, Denis







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These are lovely. The diversity is interesting. Are some actual shapes of points while others are creatively interpreted? I like to imagine the way they would feel in the hand. Soap stone has a nice tactile quality, as I recall, am I right? (It has been a long time since holding that kind of stone.)


Thank you for posting these photos.



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