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New Work by Vesery

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since my last post was a boring one I feel obligated to post something of more interest.....


"My Growing Passion for Green Tea" 2008 6'' H x 5" W x 3" D carved/ textured cherry, ebony, linen, acrylic [for "Hot Tea" exhibit at delMano Gallery ]

post-189-1204644785.jpg post-189-1204644805.jpg

and "Pebbles to a Sea's Stone" 2008 3.3" x 2.8" D carved/textured cherry, [for SOFA NY]

post-189-1204644817.jpg post-189-1204644827.jpg




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All I ment, with all the possible respect to your excellent skills, is that I think the pot has a bit to much parts. It's design is just not 'my cup of tea'.

But it's a marvelous piece! You can't please everyone.

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