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Hello Greg!


Thank you for posting the photos of your new work! It is great to see this good work! After so many hours of working on a single piece, it is a relief to done, I am sure. It is a pleasure to see you here again!




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Thank you!


I don't have the word shargreen in my dictionnary. I suppose it's a fish in the same family with shark. Japanese bladesmith use it for the handle of katana.


Janel, I'm always "here", but I read only , it's so difficult for me to answer and so frustrating not being able to share more ..

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I completely forget to tell you that a friend of mine made a video of the making of this sword with all the step by step.

There is a little translation (sorry, not complete).

You can download the movies here:



the first part is for the blade, and the second is for the carving work.

You will see how I'm working and then, can tell me some advises to do it better next time!

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