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Ebay is where I purchase all of mine, However there are several suppliers if you Google "Mammoth Ivory" . Boone Trading sells some and there are several businesses that can be contacted through EBAY. They are reputable and reasonable for their products. You I would suspect for carving you would exclusively want to look for Siberian Mammoth Ivory, It normally is a bit more stable than Alaskan Mammoth Ivory. As always there is an exception to this rule. If you have any additional questions Please fell free to ask and I will do all I can to help you find what you need. I do Scrimshaw so I have found several people if the above doesnt work out for you.

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Kowak Ivory is where I have purchased mammoth tusk and have been satisfied with it. It is from Alaska. Roland Quimby has been helpful with my orders.


Stability also comes from slow drying once it has come from the ground. Natasha Popova, a member here, has discussed this on the forum. She is from Moldova, and must be purchasing tusk from the continent.


My chunks come with white glue coating its ends, like waxed lumber, to slow the drying from the ends. I re apply the glue after cutting from the tusk.


Natasha instructs differently. Take a look in the archives with the SEARCH function and see what you can learn about this material.



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In this past year, I have heard members say that it is not easy, or even possible, to find good quality mammoth tusk for carving. I wrote to the person from whom I purchased my tusk material from. Here is his response:


"My supply of white carvable mammoth is exhausted except for 3 whole tusks I found when I still had my airplane which I don't plan to cut up.I still have a little of this and that.Quite a bit of good fossil walrus. There was alot of ivory stockpiled during the cold war days in Russia.Thats been used up so the supply is what is collected each summer.The same was true in Alaska.There was alot of gold rush mammoth in peoples basements and garages but was eventually all sold during the 80's and 90's.Because of that and the Russian cold war supply mammoth traded at very low prices ,considering its real scarcity , all during the 80's and 90's." Roland Quimby

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Hello colleagues!

Natalia may have old stock from the time of the USSR

Mammoth tusk suitable quality in Moldova course not.

Legal ways to supply tusks are slightly

Most of the ways illegal smuggling

You can find very little dry tusks in coal mines Ukrainy whole bone catch in Russia as it is in Siberia.

From Siberia, it comes illegal Ukraine and further to Europe. Smuggling route to Europe almost ceased.

You can buy a Siberian ivory at an auction in Yakutia.

Most tusks go to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea

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Hello Sergey!

Yes, I have my old reserve of pieces of mammoth, but 3 weeks ago I recieved a piece of mammoth right from Moscow by DHL, this piece was absolutely legal, Ludmila has done a lot of documents for Russian custom-house. If anybody needs her e-mail I'll give! ;) In 2 weeks or so I'll get 6.5 kg more of mammoth, it has been already ordered by me! Ludmila is very honest person, I'm happy to work with her! The process of running some depataments and ministries for getting all documents takes about 3-4 weeks.

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