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Thanks for the compliments. Like I said it was an adventure but it is the scale that impresses not the details.


One of the things that was really strange was to work with your entire body. Working small is all in the hands and the mind is focused on really small areas. Tools marks are hair width. Move up to 24" using a mallet and then you start to use the torso and the hips balanced by foot position. The arms join in the hands as an extension of the tool. The eyes and mind are seeing larger areas and the 3 dimensional perspective and space comes more to the front. Tool marks become inch size or larger.


Move up to a size that requires chainsaws and grinders and it becomes a full body experience. Balance is crucial, muscles over the entire body push and pull to work while staying steady. Your arms and the saw are like a giant tool guided by the torso. Instead of fingers moving the tool the entire body steadies the arms moving the tool. Tool marks are up to 12 inches or more wide and inches deep. Muscles you didn't know existed come into play. The eyes and mind have to stretch to keep the 3 dimensional view. Distortion due to viewing heights and locations come into play. Not to mention that safety takes on a whole new meaning when cutting yourself might be fatal.


It was a really liberating experience. Kinda of like swimming in the bathtub versus a lake. I think I will be pursuing more than the occasional stump carving...its just a really different feeling.



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