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Is anyone else carving something these days?


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Starting on new forum by showing work in progress pictures can be dangerous but I'll bite the bullet... ;)


I was asked to give a demonstration with Arbortech tools at local retailers "spring days" -happening and I thought I would like to have something not that ordinary with me as a "business card". Thats how it started and rest is history, also future for a while...




(click for bigger image). There is and will be more additional more detailed shots in my grand new blog also.


Take care,


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Hello Everyone,


I hesitate to post my "work" since it is very amateurish compared to much I've seen here at TCP. Still, I do the best I can so I hope you will be tolerant.


The carving is a totem in apricot wood. It is 8 1/2" tall.

The second photo shows the "small carving" 1/2" ear I am working on with a micro blade I made. That's what qualifies it for small carvings. LOL!


I forgot to mention I have been at this one for 9 months, though not exclusively.


Hopefully, others of you will post some photos of less than perfect work to inspire me and help me to improve.



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