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Hallo carvers


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I´m happy to have found the carvingpath with the help of Ko.


My name is Harald Hayen. Living in the north of Germany - where the " Ostfriesen" live, I´m carving netsuke since

1975/6. I like to use all kind of materials woods, ivorys, stagshorn is a favourite, ceramics, I love iron, amber, silver, gold

and bronce, gagat, mother of pearl . There are some more I used. I like to make engraved plates of silver and gold with

some flat inlay as kagamibutanetsuke - which is not so hard for me as I´m a goldsmith.


I was born in 55, which is a good year for me because I started living, 20 years later I got a small piece of ivory and carving

started. Soon discovered netsuke.


Since then, my favourite carvers are Yoshimura Shuzan and MINKO of Tsu.


I love the tanuki, kappa, tengu and such creatures. Since some weeks I´m carving the 12 zodiacanimals - somewhat in

the styl of Minko - 6 animals are ready - I´m struggling with the dragon, which is the hardest motiv for me.


I like to have some humor in my netsuke, so my dutchman has 64 (?) buttons and tries to hold an eel in his hands. He

is somewhat in he styl of a modern shuzan.


Here I send a daruma with a following eye and movable tounge. post-1743-1207140164.jpg


All the best from Germany to all of you. Harald (Hako is from Hayen and Minko)

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