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Goat Head


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I haven’t carved anything lately that I thought was good enough to put on the “path”. However, I liked the way this goat head turned out and thought I would share it with the group. This was carved from an elk antler tine that I bought at a rock and mineral show. I often carry a rough piece of material with me until I know what it should be carved into. However, this piece never told me what it should be. I had decided to carve it into a pregnant woman in a flowing gown (because of the bulging design). As I talked with my son (he is an artist—painter) about my idea he said “this should be a goat head not a pregnant woman”. As soon as he said that I saw this design--so a goat head it became. I have tried to use the natural shape of the antler. The piece is 7.0 inches long (from forward base to tip of antler) and 4 3/4 inches high (from table to antler tip). The coloring agent was made by boiling black walnut outer husks. The carving (after polishing the smooth areas) was placed in the cold coloring solution for approximately 20 minutes, allowed to dry, and then selected areas repainted (with a brush) with the coloring solution, and dried with a hair drier. After drying the piece was lightly hand buffed with a rough piece of cloth.

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