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I love tanukis


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the darumanetsuke I send in who is who is of ebony. The himothoshi is ringed in ivory, so as the face is. Tounge of coral

and the following eye I made of tortoiseshell, which I still can take from an old broken comb from the fleamarket.

I used cowhoofs instead of this material. they are sold as dogsfood. (mjam)


Here I send a tanuki, changing into a teakettle. This piece I made of wax and had it cast in iron. The lid and the rings are

in silver. I closed the rings by laser. Patina is gunpatination. This piece is too heavy (70g) for my feeling, next time I´ll

try to do a spider. It´s very difficult to hollow a piece of wax (green) and let a thin coat left.


going to carve my dragon now. Till next time. Hapost-1743-1207417588.jpg


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