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American Black Walnut


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You all probably know this already but for me as a beginner I have discovered it for myself. I was given some offcuts of american black walnut and thought I'd make some things out of it (not so sure now!)


I planed the two sides of a chunk about 2" by 10" by 10" to see how the surface was - looked beautiful.

i decided to chop a chunk off with a mains power chop saw and then used a hand saw to refine the shape a bit to make a rough blank.... about two cuts with a chop saw and a couple with a fine toothed dozukime pull saw... not much. Went to bed and have had a pounding headache for the last three days and really sore sinuses.


Since then I've read a bit about ABW and it is toxic to many plants when growing and horses don't get on with it either. Guess it doesn't agree with me either ! Strange as the mate who gave it to me works with it without any issue.


Anyway I am going to continue but use alot more extraction and a good mask too.... just a warning to those who might try new woods.



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