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I did promise to show some of the pieces I’ve made with Clives help…..here’s one I did quite a while back now…

new to the forom but ......old to me....


Made from Buffalo horn and tagua nut………. It was rather stressful fitting the separate pieces together, still I think it ended up ok…..


I will repeat this one a some point slightly different and may be with some inlays …a bug or two...a snail might look good tucked away some where.....


Any suggestions or comments …feel free…..………..






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Hi Russ,

Our culture has trivialized certain things as cute, such as mushrooms, butterflies, frogs and cats. It's brave to use these, risking dismissal. As much as I usually savor surface detail, I like how you've reduced the mushrooms to pure form. This is difficult to do without the distraction of surface detail, which sometimes helps to carry a less well-designed work. Excellent use of material. Well done.



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Cheers Leon .... :)


...On finishing the piece Tom and showing it to Clive he did mention some form of inlay..decided not to put anything else on it ...but I do agree when I repeat it a small critter will work well ... :)


When I came up with the idea of combining the two materials I'd just got the one Mushroom Jim....took the idea to Clive and he sugested a group would work much better, then off to the woods we went trying to locate some fungi ....Clive was trying to show me how they blend and melt into each other almost like a thick liquid..... that was the intensions of the piece were,.......I think I captured it a little but as always could be better....


once again cheers for the replies...next time critters and texture...will start a.s.a.p...... :)

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Hi Magnus ....Cheers for the reply......The nine pieces are fitted together with steel pins...nothing elaborate, more trial and error is the key ....Dry fitting then and then reshape as you go...etc ................These three little fungi caused me far too many sleepless nights.......


They were a lot taller to start with but as I fitted them together the piece got shorter so they would match together perfectly, I did'nt realise this was going to happen but on showing it to Clive he commented it looked better being slightly smaller..


Was a very steep learning curve this one...but came a way with new skills and found better ways to do thie piece again when I repeat it.........


cheers Russ............ :rolleyes:

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Hello Russ,


Very nice. I especially like the perfectly smooth fit and finish.


When I view all the pieces TCP members have shared, I see what talent exists all around us.


Your comments on the adjustments to height, trial and error fittings, and steep learning curve are encouraging to me as I struggle each day with my carvings.


Thank you for your pictures and your thoughts on the process.

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