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Quite new here, but a long time carver


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I have been carving for over30 years and have been contributing a "garden" themed piece in the yearly auctions for Habitat For Humanity here in my neck of the woods...Winston-Salem, NC...

I try to do something tongue-in-cheek or word play and this years contribution is "Tropical Birds of Pair-a-Dice"..the live auction will be this Saturday night and they throw quite a nice party for the bidding public....I get nothing from my work except the satisfaction of having someone with money donate it to an organization that helps folks with getting homes they have worked hard to earn...no charity, but a lot of sweat-equity from the new homeowners...


I the past 12 years my work has raised a bit more than $45000 for the group,and each year they raise about $40-$50000 for their needs..

I will also try to post last years carving, "Flight of the Bumblebee" for which I was awarded Best of Show and got a check for $2000 that I handed back to them..

Hope you enjoy it...









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