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Hello from Switzerland


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Hello everyone !


My name is Cornel Schneider and I carve since 13 years.

I am often a visitor of this forum and I very enjoy to see the wonderful and

exciting work of other artists.

Thank You Janel to give us here the opportunity to share and to learn a lot of

very interesting things !









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Hello Cornel,


Welcome to TCP. I have already commented on your excellent work on your website. It is good to see you here, your work deserves to be seen by all. It is superb.


If you don't mind my suggestion, copy and paste your full website address so viewers just have to click on it to see it.

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Hi Cornel,


Nice to see you here. I looked at your website which left me speach- less. You are a true artist and I admire your work so much.

Good luck with everything.

Kind Regards



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Salü Laurent,


Thank You, I am also enjoyed to meet an artist wich is so near. I looked at your site.....chapeau......very good work !

The designs of your knife-handles are really amazing..........

Much creativity and a lot of customers !!!



Hi Davey,


Thank You for this nice compliment :P

I hope You got back your voice again in meantime........ :blush:

Also much luck and fun with your several projects, the big and the small ones, wich i saw on your site !!!



I wish You both a gooooood weekend !



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