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On my bamboo fence

Don Barnhill

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Dear Don and dear Folks,

I know that it´s been a long time since my last post but here´s one. That beautiful fellow is called Anolis Carolinensis, the Anole is called the "False American Chamalion" because he can reach from that Green to a pale green passing all the way to a dark chocolate brown and if they learn, but only "if" they learn, they can turn gray too, thing is his eyelids are always in a different tone. If the Anole is green the eyelis are blue, if the Anole is Brown the eyelids are green. That Red enourmous double chin is not only a theat mechanism but it also attracts the females, for what I can see my guess is that this particular one is a male, when they take this part out they move their heads up and down veeeery fast to "look" bigger than they really are. Another incredible thing is that they can move their eyes as the Chamalion and they can almost acheive an stereo vision by forcing their eyes to look forward taking advantage of that "crevice" that goes from their eyes to their nose (you can see it clearly in Don´s photo). Not that I´m an expert on them but I used to have 5 of them living with me. One of them, a female, lived with me for six years! A lot for an Anole, as they can only live indoors only 2 to 3 years.




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