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High End Dental Unit

Bill Short

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Good day folks,


I thought you might be interested in looking at this. My dentist friend has

asked me to try and sell a high end dental drill unit that he used in his

practice for dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. This surgical quality

unit is vintage 1996 and was used for about 8-9 years alternately with a

twin unit ( already sold) by one dentist. As implant surgery is only a part

of his practice, the unit has seen less than average use. It is a Steri-Oss unit,

then manufactured by Bausch and Lomb company.


I have included photos of the unit along with the original flyer. It includes the

programmable console unit, brushless handpiece motor, two contra angled handpieces

that snap into the motor, a spare handpiece head, and foot pedal (on-off) control. The

handpieces included use standard 3/32" dental burs of the contra-angle type.


When new, the console unit with hand motor was $3300.00, while each of the

reduction handpieces were about $900.00 apiece. The beauty of this unit is

that the brushless motor is high torque motor that has rare earth magnets as

the core and therefore, you can drill into a piece of wood and the rpm and

torque stays constant. The motor is autoclavable ( can be sterilized ) and therefore is

completely sealed and is perfect for use in a dusty environment like carving wood.

Both handpieces are gear reduction with ratios of 18:1 and 100:1. The 18:1 handpiece

will run from 170 - 1700 rpm, while the 100:1 handpiece will run from 3 - 300 rpm.


If fitted with an E-Type straight handpiece, ( available on Ebay or at a

dental supply house ), with a 1:1 ratio, the drill will run at 30,000 rpm and

lower. See this web site for the Lynx Nosecone 1:1 ratio at $79.00 ( not

included ), that will do the job.




If fitted with a 1:4 nosecone handpiece, ( not supplied ),

the drill will run up to 39,000 rpm. The unit includes the original instruction manual.


The drill uses standard 3/32" shank burs or 3/32" any 3/32" shank tool.


The price for the entire unit is $700.00 US Funds plus shipping to your location.

Let me know what you think. I have one available. I bought the sister unit.


Thank you to Janel for allowing me to post this.





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