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heron bead

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Thank you Ron, I will probably be making a locket from these components soon as my wife suggested it.




The N.W.Coastal design Phil is referring to is the style many Native Americans along the coast of Washington state and British Columbia work in their carvings and paintings. I live in this area and kayak in a boat I built myself in the tradition of the Inuits and the land I live on was once a Native site. I love the feeling of this way of constructing abstract spirit based animal forms and it so fits the Heron and Salmon of the region that it just came out. The intertwining of the head feathers you picked up on are to reflect my own roots. My father was from Norway and I was born in England with a Scottish grandmother. I think the way that many tribal cultures express the "spritual being" of nature through their artworks in very much akin to how I work, so it is only natural for me to incorporate their styles.



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