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I've been working on my largest carving to date. I am creating a wing to be mounted on a piece of Manzanita burl from a Moose Antler. The wing is 20" from tip to tip.

I am just about finished with the roughing out of the feather profiles on each side and will begin detailing this weekend.

It's been quite a learning process so far.

Here are a few shots of the progress.





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Hi Andrew,


Thanks for the photos of the start of this antler piece. Are you working from a sketch, or a real wing? How heavy is this hunk of material? I look forward to progress shots. Are you having any fun with it?



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The piece is a bit heavy, but I have a pretty clear idea of how I will attach it to it's base without any problems. I am borrowing from a photo of a winged sculpture in the Louvre and photos of birds of prey....plus a little bit of making it up as I go.

I am really enjoying it and can't wait to work on it each day. It's a nice feeling.

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