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a new ring


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Thanks everybody. I just carve a ring of wax has to sculpture, and a jeweler makes a cast iron has lost wax, directly in silver. At the end, i give a patina to the ring. On the photo, you can see two rings of wax has to sculpture and my favorite tool.


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I try to make a new ring with japanese style. It weighs about 30 g . It's silver with some gold plated on the water lily.


Cool ring, a tad heavy for casual wear though. What are the dimensions its hard to tell in some pictures, also what tool is that? A chisel of some kind?




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Hi Sergio


reading in the carvingpath, I found your beautiful ring. With these engravingtools I carve all my netsuke. I sharpened them

to carve on the right and on the left side, so with the two I can always carve with the grain.


I like multicolored metall especially with figural themes. I have to do it for the goldsmith I´m working for.


Here is a Tanuki teekettlenetsuke with silvertop and rings. Kettle is of iron.

a pirat I did wit a coral from Tibet silverring goldearring, the head is of iron


I made the pieces of wax , as you do. Your work is very precise and lively. I like it very much.


aloa Haraldpost-1743-1217237166.jpgpost-1743-1217237201.jpg

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Thank you Harald, i like your work to. I think we are near in the spirit of carving. I like to carve skull and dragon, and your skull is very nice. You work on different supports, what do you prefer ? Have you carve ivory ?

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hi Sergio


it seems our carvings are getting wilder, this head of an ORK I made three years ago.


Its stagshorn with a heavy missgrowing (?). It looked like a brain so I carved an ugly Ork with two swordcuts on the back

one cordhole is square, as if an arrow or so has struck him.


Its my personal horrornetsuke.


But I like flowers and chubby animals more.


In a hurry, Haraldpost-1743-1217350166.jpg

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