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Peter M

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Hi, my name is Peter Madgett, and I live in Toronto, Canada. I'm a double bass player by profession, but have always been keenly interested in the visual arts and woodworking. In the last few years these interests have developed into a focus on woodcarving.


I’ve been visiting the Carving Path for quite a while, and it’s been an invaluable source of pleasure, inspiration and education for me. I have carved spoons in cherry, lilac and mahogany, but am now concentrating on netsuke. Hope to have some pictures of my work to post soon.


I’ve also been making my own tools, thanks to Janel and all the members who have provided the photos, tutorials and discussions in the tools section. I am thrilled to be in the company of so many fine artists, and to have the opportunity to connect with and to learn from all of you.



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Hello Peter,


Welcome to the forum! I look forward to your participation and to seeing what you do. It is good to know that the forum resources have been helpful to you.


The bass section is my favorite side of the orchestra to sit near when we go to performances!



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