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Hello from Alberta


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Good afternoon


I started carving about 2 years ago and dabbled in many forms such as relief, in the round, etc. I've taken lessons from West Coast natives and created a wonderful moon mask and wolf plaque.

I have many whimiscial carvings done in found wood, also know as bark.


I use to do a bit of pen and ink drawings and I loved the detail I could get. i guess I am very detail orientated.


I also enjoy minatures. The fine detail is what drives me to smaller and smaller carvings.


So, you ask, where has this led you. Well, I do most carvings in Walnut Shells. Yep, those nuts you get for Christmas. I cut out the face of the nuts, scoop out the interior, put in a platform and create a full diarama inside.


I have Christmas scenes, Mexican beach scenes, I have even captured the cold of the North Pole.


I had hoped to have a web site up by this time with pictures, but alas, due to my fence needing to be rebuilt the web site has taken a back seat for a few weeks.


I look forward to an exciting exchange of ideas, thoughts and critisms. This is the only way to grow.


Thank you




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