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It was, and is still, very strongly recommended that the image pixel and file size to aim to FIT WITHIN THESE GUIDELINES!!!


- 72 dpi

- JPEG works great

- around 640 x 480 pixel dimension

- and around 50 K file size



Help the forum members who have slow, land line, computer modems, by posting the above recommended file sizes for your images, and also help the forum by taking less storage space in the forum's file storage area.


Thank you!


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It is time to firmly remind folks to read and follow the guidelines for resizing your photos for posting on the forum. These four points are found at the top of each forum area. Scroll up on this page to read them.


Not all members have unlimited broadband access, though most of you do have super fast super sized broadband by now. Ten percent of the internet connected public are not that fortunate. Some of us, me included, are stuck with satellite service which is slow at best, and has a low cap on the number of GB used each month. (It is the only possible connectivity available to me.) Others still have land lines that are even slower; large images can take up to ten minutes per MB to download on slow land line connections each time a large photo appears on the forum. Thus, asking for images to be 50 to 100 KB makes the viewing experience manageable and enjoyable for all of the members.


Points of interest regarding the linking of your photos from outside storage of photos: 1) If you put images on an outside storage photo service, the moment the link/url address changes at that service, or you change the location of the photo, or remove it, the photo is lost to the forum post. That is a very unfortunate situation for the forum and for your posts. 2) In light of the folks with slow or limited connections, their experience with the large photos from the outside storage site remains the same as if the larger photos were attached through the forum post process.


I have not ragged on this point for a while, though I did point it out publicly to one new member recently. I don't like having to remind folks about this, but as new members join it needs to be done.


In the Photography section, there are several topics and posts that could be helpful regarding the resizing of images. There are free software programs for simple adjustments. There are more sophisticated programs as well that you can tweak images to your hearts content.


This forum thrives on photos of the work that we do. Making the viewing experience a pleasure for every member is a kindness done for each of them.



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