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" The Meeting "


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Hello All,


Here my newest composition, " The Meeting ".


The study of a dramatic moment if the hunter meets his victim.....it seems to be,

that the toad is to big for the viper, but in the reality it is not a problem for the snake

to get in this tasty piece of a toad.



The piece is 21 cm long and carved from a single block of boxwood.

The snake tongue is made of silver, the resin drops are from amber.

Eyes are carved from acrylglas, a material wich is absolutely good to polish.


I wish a wonderful week !



















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Hello Mike, Magnus, Don, Natasha, Sergio and Viacheslav, Good Morning !


I was very delighted about the good words to the newest piece.


Thank You all for this attention, its always a special motivation !


I wish a wonderful week with much sun and creativity !!!



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Hello Cornel,


This piece is absolutely mind numbing in its realism. I am enthralled with the patience to detail you manage to put into each project. I will never achieve this level of excellence but it motivates me to work harder on my carvings.


Thank you for sharing this.

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Hello Master Laurent !


I hope that You are full recovered again........ :rolleyes:

Thank You for the nice attention !



Hello dear Ron !


I am delighted to read, that my carving can motivate You.

Such compliments do motivate me too :lol:

Thank You !

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