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some months ago I carved a dog doing it´s business .


I like to do movable parts in my netsuke, like tounges, heads, eyes and this innerlife of animals.

The piece is from boxwood, the eyes of brass and the rest (!) is of natural brown stagshorn. Its not colored.


The netsuke is 40mm long and - sometimes - 47mm .


I hope you like it. I will send a picture of my blowfisch, which is not jet ready, carved from mother of pearl.

(nothing moving)


greetings from Germany




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hallo Janel


here is another netsuke with a movable part. Its a Fukusuke, a Dwarf in ancient Japan.


Well - this is a selfportrait.


Waletoothhead, oakkimono, ivoryfan and socks.


In a hurry, Harripost-1743-1217151798.jpg




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