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Frog and Blowfish


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Hello carvers,


here I send pictures from a frog on a leave, I´m working at. The piece is 10 cm long and of Peroba Rosa wood. I did

gesso on the surface and now I´m painting it with oilcolors. The color will be patially removed, when it´s dry, so the

wood and the gesso will come out again. It gives the piece much life. I hope !


I do not want to do a fine and exact carving, when I play with this wood and colors, because it shall become an

antic look.


The eyes - you can´t see it now - are inlaid in stagshorn, so is the tounge , with its very tiny fly on the end.

have to paint the animal and after drying will sand the color off, so the eyes come out and get a little stain

with a dye.


The other piece is an 48 mm long blowfish of mother of pearl. The piece is 23mm thick. It was thicker before, but

then came I.


You will see photos of the finished pieces.


I have allways more than one pieces in work. So I can do, what I "feel" that day. Today the sun is burning, so I

worked outside (after that rain) , I did so because m.o pearl makes a lot of dust. My wife like to see me working

outside sometimes !!!!


greetings from Germany Hakopost-1743-1216928856.jpgpost-1743-1216928826.jpgpost-1743-1216928945.jpg

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Hello Hako, your frog is very sympathic . Is it possible to have some other view of this work, because i am carving a leave of chesnut tree and i am interested by the work of the other carvers, like you or Cornel or Ataru Maeva. Thank you and good continuation.

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Hello Sergio


here I send some more pictures from the frog. The mushroompicture shows, how my favourite work is. I

love boxwood . The slime behind the snail is laquer. (Schellack)


Have a nice time - the wheather will become better for us - arte says so.




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Hi hako, danke for the photos, is your mushroom boxwood ? Because it has a nice colour, and i like this subect to. I send photos on TCP about one of my work: "the slug". It's a slug and two mushrooms with a leave, i love to carve that !!!

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Hi Sergio,


merci for your answer, the mushroom is boxwood. It was the most awful piece I had. So much branches came out of this

part of wood. I was just on the way to throw it away, when I had the idea of using the imperfection. Some ukibori

pimpels and holes and the branches make the top of the mushroomhat. I will take a picture. I stained it with

clothdye, applied "Schellack" and polished it. Its one of my favourites now. The snail got stripes of laquer on the

house. I used the same laquerpen for the tigerstripes. ( Box, eyes of horn, tounge is coral)


all the best Hakopost-1743-1217080998.jpg

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Guten day hako, i like the colours of your tiger and your mushroom , but i don't know if i can paint my pieces like your frog. I hope to see it when it was finished. I prefer a patina , like an old carving. I am not talented with colours, so i don't used them. Thank you for the photos , "a plus" , Sergio.

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Bonsoir Sergio,


yesterday I got 31 Netsuke back , which I carved in the last 10 years. It was like christmas.


All over all I made 1200 Netsuke till now.


Here are two of my older ones, they are semiantic with 10 years ??


Tengu of ebony and an Oni of box, trying to catch a mouse under his back.


Hope you like them.


All the best, Haraldpost-1743-1217182828.jpgpost-1743-1217182893.jpg[attachm


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"trop cool", they are fantastics, i feel a little bit of "humour" and i like it. You have made a lot of netsuke , "impressionnant", i am very happy to see them, and i think that i'm not the only one. Danke , if you want, you can show others of your creations , it's a good "source" of inspiration.

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