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Greetings from Macau

Antonio Cejunior

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Greetings to everyone here at the Carving Path Forum.


My name is António Conceição Júnior but because of difficulties in pronouncing Portuguese, I adopted long ago the aka Antonio Cejunior.


I live in Macau and have been friends with Jim Kelso for quite some years now.


I hope to learn from you all. :rolleyes:


Thank you

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Bem vindo António!


I was never ever able to log back into your forum but it is brilliant to be able to communicate with you again.


Here to serve.




Thank you Hyllyn,


In Portuguese is Obrigado as in Obliged. Different from Gracias as you may well know :rolleyes:


Well, you can always email me and re-register.

But it is nice here as well :lol:


Very best

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