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Hi, My name is Robbin Wenzoski & I am relatively new to carving. I have always indulged in woodwork of one sort or another & have, sometimes intentionally or not, added a little artistry to my work & hobbies as well. Most of my carvings/sculptures may not fit in the "small scale" criteria of this forum, but I immensly enjoy being part of the communication that is present in carving forums. I was born & spent most of my life in Golden, British Columbia, Canada with the exception of 5 years spent in Malta, when I was young. I moved to SouthWestern, Ontario, Canada in 1987 & have been here since. My woodwork experience started in Golden, B.C. at a plywood manufacturing facility & later I worked building Cedar log homes & timber frames around the Golden & Lake Louise, Alberta area. Shortly after moving to Ontario I became interested in Cedar strip/epoxy canoe & kayak building & then moved into my first carving adventure about 3 years ago & have indulged in carving ever since. I became invlved with the internet at about the same time & started building my own free website 2 years ago. I am looking forward to meeting fellow carvers & sharing ideas & techniques as I have a great desire to learn! Please visit my site at www.geocities.com/aruba692003 & leave your comments, thoughts, opinions or whatever you want in my guestbook. It is appreciated & looking forward to meeting some fellow carvers here!

Thanks, Robbin

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