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a leaf of chesnut tree


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Hallo Sergio,


yesterday I wanted to take a leaf home to do a carving, but I didn´t stop my walk. Really funny, today I

see your fantastic leaf here, and I must say , it´s a dead leaf, but full of LIVE.


It´s a perfect piece of ART somewhat in the style of the SO SCHOOL .



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Great work Sergio, Congratulation !


This is a fantastic copy in wood, I very like this style !

I can imagine, that it was a bonebreaker with all the inside work.

I am wondering how many hours You were working on this exciting piece.....



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Hi all, thanks for your compliments. I think i worked about 12 hours, but i'm not sure. Since i saw the work of Jim and his leaves, i want to carve a leaf. After, i saw the work of Cornel, Janel and others carvers, i must carve a leaf. It's an intrusting work, a good school of observation, i like this kind of work.

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