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whats on my bench?

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I have slowly been working on a sealife themed fittings set. I finished up the Kashira and thought I would share. You asked in another thread "whats on your bench" so here it is. Many more parts to go for the set, but I like to do the Kashira first to set the tone for the rest of the set.


Basically an octopus with a couple of simple shell fish. I inlaid pure gold eyes otherwise the rest is a black Patina over copper. For those that are not familiar, this is a "pommel" for a japanese sword. The hole in the sides allow the Silk cord to be threaded through secureing the kashira onto a wooden handle core.


I started with this basic blank cold forged from sheet stock.


The carving was done using a GRS 901 handpiece useing a Flat graver, an onglette, a polished roundish point, and a sharp point. The only other tool used was a scraper made from a triangular file.

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Wonderful carving in metal. Could you show us how you forge the blank from sheet stock?



Thank you!

Some of the techniques I use were passed to me in confidence. Much of it is a striaght forward combination of vessel raising tehniques and silver smithing. I can't really get into it without breaking confidence. I appologize for being vague.

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