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Hello, (I make swords and knives)

Henrik Y

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My name is Henrik Yngvesson and live in Sweden. I'm 23 years old and when I was 16 I started with forging in a forge made with a plate with holes in the bottom where a vacumcleaner was blowing air. Made a few arrowheads and knife looking creations.

I've been working a few days/year as a helping hand in a small forge where I live and learned a little about forging and designs and stuff. I've made a couple of blades but it's only the last few years blades that I dare to show.


I currently finished my studies to become a licensed welder and started working at a nuclear powerplant.


I'm interested in a lot of crafting and have tried much of it but the things I do most is Japanese swords with all it's components and that's where the carving comes in.



My other hobbies are music playing instruments, extreamsports, bicycletrials, cars, motorbikes etc.


I've known this forum for a while and been visiting a few times.

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