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Metal half ball...

Henrik Y

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I've seen a few pics on the webb where they had a metal half ball(don't know the name) with "beck"(I think it's same as the swedish name) on top or in a bowl. And I made one myself and want to show you some pics of it, if it could be of any interest.


A wanted something heavier then a bowl so I made it in solid iron so I doesn't move when working on larger pieces.


I cut out 4 circles from 20mm thick iron plate(scrap pieces) in the water jet cutter at work. Then I welded them together and after 2 hours with an angle grinder it was round and smooth and I think that I've saved a whole lot of money on making it myself.





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It's called a pitch bowl or engraver's ball amongst many other names that anyone better versed in tools can conjure up.


It would serve the purpose better if you had at least an inch deep recess in there for you to place your pitch, I figure you can still do it easily enough by means of grinding or with an acetylene torch.


Nice job btw but careful with that hammer. If you want something serviceable go to Dick fine tools and find the Otafuku hammer. Which is essentially the same as a Kanazuchi in one of its many weight configurations (equivalent to a 21mm one I think).


Are you going to try chasing and repousse or actually metal carving?

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I've started a thread about the menuki attempt: http://www.thecarvingpath.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=1545



It covers my needs at the moment but later on I might rebuild it with a rim or something on top of it. But just having it on top like this is better for me because I want to be able to attach longer knife blades on it.

I'm going to do a little of everything. First I'm going to work out the basic shape and then carve the small sharp details.


Jim Kelso: "Do the Swedish usually just melt the pitch on top?" I have no idea but I didn't have any problems with it.

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That certainly is a massive base for your work. I suspect there will be very little movement. My only concern would be that the pitch block may slide off after much lateral work on it. I like Jim's idea of making a rim or mounting a circular tray onto the top.


I have seen modified bowling balls used as pitch balls. I think I will have to try that.




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