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Digital cameras and heart attacks

Don Barnhill

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Hi all,


I was out walking with my wife, daughter, grandson and granddaughter on Monday, the 6th and had some chest pains. To make a long story short, I had a heart attack and was airlifted to our regional cardiac care unit in Wilmington, NC. Stayed in the hospital until Thursday and am now home and doing well.


Just a note for you guys; my cholesterol was below 200. My blood pressure is not usually high and I get several hours exercise per week mowing and using the string trimmer on four different yards that I cut. I still had a heart attack, so don't think it can't happen to you.


Anyway, I had my camera with me this AM. This is a shot of the creek, right above a beaver dam, my property borders.


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My most appreciative thanks to all for your well wishes. Sorry I haven't responded sooner.


Just to let you know, I go to cardiac rehab in the morning for the first time. Don't know what that will be like. My wife has chastized me for mowing the lawn and using a push mower for part of it. I also walk about a mile and a half every day. Hope I am doing the right thing. We'll see in the morning.


Again, thank you for the well wishes.



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