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Off to Japan

Jim Kelso

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Part of the reason for my quietness lately has been strenuous preparation for a trip to Japan in November. I haven't been in eleven years and want to make the most of it. The main impetus to go at this time is inclusion of my work in an exhibition at the Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum in Kyoto which starts November 28th. This exhibition is primarily of late Edo and early Meiji metal masters including Kano Natsuo, Unno Shomin, Shoami Katsuyoshi, Mitsuharu, Katsuhiro and others.


It is difficult to express what an honor it is for me to be shown in such company. I've held their work in such high esteem for so long, Natsuo since the early '80s. I am so thankful to Murata Masayuki for including my work(five, perhaps six pieces), and for having been so supportive over the last few years. He has tirelessly promoted the heritage of the full range of Meiji art including metals, enamels, and lacquer.


Murata-san has also generously offered to accompany me to various museums as well as opening his own collection for viewing. I'll also visit some tool and supplies sources and of course soak up the Kyoto ambiance.


Of course we will visit Toshimasa, my primary teacher there.


November is also the height of the foliage season in Kyoto and one of the most comfortable times to be there. So this year I get a double blast of Autumn color, having had the best display here in Vermont that I can remember.


All-in-all should be a fine trip.



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Is this the English version? The link worked for me, coming at it from google.


I can well imagine what your preparations are like right now. It is a little too bad that our paths won't cross, though my trail will still be warm when you get there.


Have a wonderful journey with your preparations and your time in Japan!



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