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Crab from beginner


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Hi all!

I wish to show the yesterday's work - Sperm Whale, 3.5 - 3.5 - 1.5 sm

I do not know, why it is strange, but I have spent for it 4 hours -

2 carvers hours, then 2 hours walk with a dog of 2 more business hours - all is ready :) .

However, thought of design and a composition about 2 weeks

- but now this crab can be used as netsuke.

By the way, a question to all - whether your works directly are used

or only stand on a shelf? At other, Russian forum dispute has begun

what to use modern netsuke as a charm, it offends the artist and a place

for contemporary netsuke - an exhibition.

I with pleasure give the works to friends and I rejoice, when they use them...


And still - I have found in a net the link to the book

"netsuke in meeting of the state Hermitage"

It not so well scan, but for acquaintance it can be used.

If it not against forum rules - I can give references.


Yours faithfully






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Hi Sergey,

It's a lovely form. did you work from a photograph? 4 hours? Coffee first! :)

I'm not making netsuke so not sure how to comment on your question. I can usually understand both sides of a question and be convinced either way.


I looked at Victor Grebennikov's book. Very nice. He is enchanted.


Will you post a link to the netsuke forum? We can look anyway.





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Hi Jim !


Thanks for warm responses.


I'm fascinated by your metal leaves. They are perfect!


I worked not on a photo - walked with a dog on a beach and have found a dead crab. Has admired a perfect form, took home, has welded it in salt that it would not deteriorate - and here yesterday there was an inspiration!

Other side of my speed - I am not able (while) to do fine details :)


I have not found on to the netsuke forum themes under books :(



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Still for Janel:

will tell More correctly that I have a desire, there is an inspiration but is not present ability.

For this expert to me also it is necessary.

Thanks to this forum I have opened for myself such artist, as Jacques Vesery - http://www.jacquesvesery.com

It something improbable! Such wonderful combination of technics and artistry! I simply enjoyed photos of its works! Full delight!

About that the inspiration (once again excuse my English) whence undertakes. As I try to cut netsuke we will begin with Japan. Japan very poor country - poor in sense of natural resources, neither marble, nor copper mines - all it is necessary to bring from the seas and all is expensive, from this it follows that each small slice needs to give a lot of attention. It is a difficult way - the easy way is primitiveness, and it is not interesting to me. Very good example - style iwamy - pigs is everywhere, it not a whale and not a mammoth - is simple and cheap. I on this example have tried to understand for myself DAO the poor carver (the beggar money, instead of talents) - it is possible to buy the most expensive tool, the best pieces of a tusk of a mammoth - but whether there will be what will turn out art? I am not assured.

I have, of course, bought the good tool, and a mammoth I too have bought - but I try not to pass by simple things.

Having learnt about ivamy style, I have got acquainted with the butcher, even have made friends with it, have presented to it some my works, and now when from a farm bring boars with the big canines, he informs me and I buy jaws at the price of food for dogs - very cheaply.

To clear these bones very difficultly - strongly bad smell, but what to do...

But what beautiful material! I here have tried to represent yesterday a bee. And again a problem in fine details. The teacher is necessary to me that he would not speak, and showed. And as the teacher is not present, practice and again practice... :)





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The first step, Sergey, is to stop using the rotary motor tool when you have roughed in the design. The detail comes with careful use of small, sharp, hand tools. Thoughtful shaping of the surface, textures, undercutting, to use light and shadow, open and busy areas, fine or bold parts differentiated, and more.


The detail work is careful scraping and undercutting. Did you happen to watch the small video posted in the Getting Started and Resources forum area? That shows some hand tools at work.


To learn, you must simply stop using the rotary tool sooner, and begin to use the hand tools. Learn what they will do for you, and learn more as you build upon your experiences.


I never had a teacher for carving, though it might have been helpful at times. When you look at the subjects in real life, or your drawings from real things, all information is what you see. When you learn to "see" with your inner eyes and imagination, you will begin to translate the thoughts into details of your carvings.


Good wishes to you with pursuing the good skills of detail work!



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