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top-100 netsuke under version TCP


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Hello all!

The theme of Janel about not-Japanese carvers has pushed me to idea to begin a new theme about modern works - "top-100 under version TCP" or "your favourite modern netsuke".

I am interested at administration, whether there is a technical possibility to arrange photo-exhibition with voting that from each master would be no more than three works (for mass character and wider sight), voting only from the registered participants of a forum; the artists who have been not registered at a forum too can expose the works....

Rules can be discussed.

It will not bring direct profit but if then to publish top-100 in a pdf-format (to ask Mr. of Sterling to impart experience) - and to give in free on a network it will serve as advertising to carving art netsuke, will make more popular TCP, and even, I think, will help to protect copyrights of artists (it to Natasha Popovoj's theme) - after all if buyers in "antique" works see style of modern artists it will help them to avoid a deceit.

What your opinion?


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