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Rotten Stick Misericordia


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I finally summoned up enough gumption to finish this epic work - the "Rotten Stick" Misericordia. Between the large amount of carved steel, long tapered forged blade and rawhide sheathwork, it has taken several weeks of work in total.


Misericordia were medeival stabbing weapons, supposedly intended to provide "mercy" (misericordia is pity or mercy in Latin) to seriously wounded foes on the battlefield. Typical blades are diamond or triangular in cross section, without sharpened edges. Not intended for cutting, they could slip in between the cracks of armor - eeech!


My interpretation is 15 inches overall in length, 9 inch forged and filed 1045 steel blade, with textured copper habaki, guard and hilt. The handle is forged from black iron gas pipe, engraved and carved, with a blued finish. The sheath is of rawhide, with forged copper furniture and steel tommy bar wrench for disassembly and cleaning.


Thanks for looking!




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The carving on the handle is so beautiful! Is the animal a type of scorpion? It's interesting that the name "misericordia" is almost the same as misericords - the small seats in a medieval church that allowed the monks to rest themselves a bit during the long services. Because they were somewhat hidden images, tucked up under the seat, the carver could get a bit creative, even racy or ridiculous. Here's a link to a comprehensive site on misericords. Misericords of the World

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