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Dragon dagger

laurent GERDIL

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Thanks to you for your comments !


Nice that you like his express, cornel! I wanted him roguish and a little bit sensual, I am rather satisfied with it!


Andrew: they are not marks of burning : it is the rest of the outside part of the teeth as you can see on the picture

And it took me about 60, 70 hours



post-1804-1228987063.jpg post-1804-1228987213.jpg post-1804-1228987101.jpg

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Thanks to all for these very encouraging compliments!!




You know I realy like much dragons too, they exist in all civilizations and are often very different!! There are many things to be made with them!


Magnus :

Yes, as I wanted him rather sensual, it was not needed scale but a smooth skin! And that changes a little ! :rolleyes:


Thanks for all again ......and happy new year !!

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