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New member of Forum from Ukraine. Joseph Epshtein. Welcome !


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..... This my first meeting with master on December, 10 2008 ...

He invited me in guests. It is a very good and modest man. Now we work together on his project. We will tell when work will be done. It will be done by the author of project.

Write him and you will UNDERSTAND it. I did the photo of workshop. It is Joseph....


I wish a good weekend to all.




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Thanks for warm reception. However, I wish to notice, that I am not the netsukeshi.

I make a netsuke very seldom, as a rule, to order. It is a riddle for me a Japanese mentality. Therefore, I try to do sculpture, that will be close and clearly for me. There are chess

“Alice’s Adventures in the Wonderland” on the photo.


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Hello Janel,


As for photo, you ask about, this is the tray of exhaust ventilation. Shavings of mammoth’s tusk (I do not use the elephant’s tusk) comes from the tray outside and wind takes it away. If you don’t want to soil the atmosphere, you may use the bag for collection the shavings. Then I make the bag wet and pour it out in canalization. You may use the shawings (if it is big and there is a lot of it) for mixing with the soil of home plants (The plants will better “breath”).


With respect


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Dear friends,


Glad to make an acquaintance with so much interesting and creative artists.

Thank you for the high estimation for my works. I have visit to Kelly’s and Davey’s sites. I want to note the kindness and warmth Kelly’s works and high originality and width of Davey’s creations. Excuse my bad English.



With the best wishes



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