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Greetings from South Germany


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Hello everybody.


My name is Frank and i come from Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany.

The mainpoint of my work are japanese sword mountings, espacilly Tsubas, also jewellery made of traditional japanese alloys.

At the moment i´m working at a Obidome made from Silver, Shakudo, Copper and Shibuichi. It´ll be decorated with patina and katakiri-bori.


About myself:


I´m 26 and live in Königsbrunn near Augsburg in Germany. I´m interested in Martial Art´s, Blacksmith working, Japan, Japanese artwork, collecting nihonto and mountings, mountainbiking, motorcycles and photographing.


More Information will follow or in some postings.


If someone speaks german, here´s my own website:



Best greetings


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