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Baskets, et al


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Hi Everybody,


Here's what my wife and I have been working on as of late. We’re having a gallery show the first part of August in Seattle, and we’ve been working frantically to get stuff ready. So far, we’ve got about 15 baskets ready to go. While August may seem a long way off, there’s a mid-June deadline for slides to make invitations with, mid-July for Web photos, yada-yada-yada. The sides came in the mail today. My head is spinning. Of course, there was the sockeyes netsuke to finish in the midst of this as well.


Anyway, here are two of the baskets, and a little neck knife I managed to sandwich in (got to have a little fun!). Most of our baskets are quite small - these are about 4 inches in diameter, and are in boxwood, fossil ivory and colored hardwoods, woven in superfine carriage cane.


The knife is obsidian, horn, rawhide and buckskin, and the ugly little anglerfish is in deer antler with ivory and ebony eyes.


Well, that’s all for now – back to the salt mines…


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Guest DFogg

Nice piece Tom.


Yes, we are having a problem with the image quotas. I just reset it to unlimited after raising it to 2meg and will see it that cures it.


An easy way around this problem is to use an online photo storage and then paste the link using IMG tag. I use Flickr.com because it is simple and works great for generating urls and sizing images.


I apologize, but our tech support has abandoned us. We are working on the problem though so bear with us.


Would love to see more pictures.

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Nice dragonfly, box and basket work! Is the center of the lid or the whole lid of boxwood with this one? Thanks for sharing it with us.




ps. I am revisiting the sockeyes tutorial. That production was quite an effort on your part. Thank you for being so thorough with it. There is much valuable information there. -J

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Hi Janel,


The yellow wood (boxwood) is the lid, and the red wood (bloodwood) is the rim permanently attached to the basket. The lid is simply a slip fit into the rim (in other words, falls out if you turn it upside down). The dragonfly carving and yellow wood lid are all a single piece.


Just tried to add another image, but not working. I'll investigate the IMG tag thing. Ain't technology wonderful?

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