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Extensive Resource of Netsuke Images


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Found an excellent source of netsuke images while surfing the other day. Most of the photography is quite good, with large images, and many of them are multiple views of single netsuke, perfect for carving reference! There are currently 199 pages of multiple images with carver and subject data, although some appear to be duplicates. Disclaimer - so far I've only viewed about one third of the pages...


The site is produced by Norman Sandfield, one of the most well known netsuke dealers and authorities. The commercial portion of his site is quite interesting as well. Many thanks, Norman!


Here's the link to the netsuke images: http://www.internetsuke.com/insarchive/main.php


Here's the link to Mr Sandfield's main site: http://www.internetsuke.com/


Enjoy! Plus, I'd save any images you like to your own computer - you can never tell how long sites like this will remain available...

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