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The frog and the fisherman


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I hope this brightens your day:


-“Help, help!” -

Tom looks upstream, downstream, back at the bushes. Nothing in

sight, he keeps on fishing.

"Please, mister, help me, please.”

This time Tom looks down. “A frog is talking to me? What in the hell

is this?”

He gently picks up the little creature, looks at it with curiosity,

and says, “Are you talking to me?”

“Yes Sir, I was once a beautiful princess that a spell

turned into a frog. If you kiss me, I will be a princess again.

Please help me.”

Tom looks the frog over and says, “You must be telling the truth,

normal frogs don’t have long eyelashes and full lips like you do.”

“Thank you Sir, you are the first person that believes me.

Will you kiss me than?”

The wise old fisherman replies, “You know, princesses are a dime a

dozen, and I have seen plenty of them, but a talking frog is a very

rare thing."

He puts it in his pocket and keeps on fishing.


Of course this story is true.

Tom was a fine guitar player and he recognized Frogs potential.

He taught her to sing and they went on to fame and fortune.

Billed themselves as Tom Mones and Josefina Croaker and did very well.

They were doing a gig in México City Where Josefina died tragically from a over dose of Spanish flies.

I am surprised you did not know of them. A very famous pair they were.

Last I heard, Tom took to engraving and lost every thing.


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