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Happy Anniversary to The Carving Path!


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Dear Members,


The Carving Path Forum began back in the late part of 2004 when Jim Kelso, Don Fogg and I felt the excitement from carvers who found a place to meet over on the International Netsuke Society forum when it first went on line. We wanted to not overwhelm that forum with non-netsuke talk about carving, so we created this forum. Our hopes were to provide a meeting place for carvers from many disciplines whose work involves small-scale carving. TCP continues to provide a friendly, informative and accessible place for communication and learning, and so much more.


Friendships have been made, and the help you have given to one another has made differences in the lives and work of others around the world. I am proud to be a part of this place.


Congratulations members for making this a great forum! Thank you for all of the good work and help you have given to one another.


I look forward to the new year ahead,



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Dear Janel,


Thank You veeery much for the realization to this unique Forum !


A lot of interesting people, exciting creations and much to learn here.

A treasure full of inspiration and motivation.


Thank You also for your countless hours to bring and hold this

art-community together !



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Thank you for making TCP a wonderful forum. Also thanks to Jim and Don for their work.


I'm amaze when I see almost two thousand carvers register on TCP. Take pride in what you have accomplished here. :D


There will be many more TCP Anniversaries.



E George

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Also late, but better late than never as they say.


I do have to admit this is one of the most inspiring forums I have come across.

Warm and welcoming cheerfully sharing creative folks from everywhere.

What a fine example.

A job well done by all.



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