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Two Kirin 2


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Hello carvers,


you have seen our two kirinnetsuke and I must say, it was the highlight of this dark wintertime to carve a netsuke for

Ko Baas. I really like his netsuke, as I told him, I think , they are carved " on the point ", not too much detail, just everything to bring the piece to life. His work has power and good color, real netsuke in short.


We started some weeks before chrismas and at first, when I was rouhgcarving my kirin, there was a crack in the bottompart.

So I started again. it was possible to cut the cracked part off, and after that , suddenly , I had two kirin to carve on.


Chrismas came and as I´m a goldsmith, sooooooooo much work, in the end I carved over chrismas and into the new year.

On January 5. I send the kirin to Ko and went on carving the smaller cut off kirin. It is funny, how this one changed and becomes a kirin - youngster. A young kirin , just growing up, with thin legs, short tail and (later) a big head.


Ko send so fantastic pictures to the PATH , that I just show my kirin halfready and a pic of my kirinyoungster , also halfready.

I have to say : Its a girl named Heidelinde.


When Heide is ready, you will see her.post-1743-1232042430.jpg


It was so much fun, to do this project with Ko Baas.


Greetings from North Germany, Hako post-1743-1232042526.jpgpost-1743-1232042499.jpgpost-1743-1232042430.jpg

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