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Being Careful of Hands


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Russ - told me to careful of my hands and fingers. I don't what I did wrong, I tried to reply and it did not work. So I am trying a new topic.



I learned years ago in the printing industry to watch out for my fingers and hands most of the time handling saws and hot metals.


When I worked in the printing industry people told me to be careful with saws and I was and later I watched several of them cut groves in their finger nails or cut the tip of their finger off.


Also I have been cutting cabochons without using dop sticks to cut over 5000+ cabochons just holding the cab blanks in my fingertips. If you do not hold them right the diamond wheels will grind groves in your finger nails, the sides of the wheels will cut groves in the fingers, besides grinding the fingerprints down.


Practice and trial and error help to improve a person's techniques. I intend to be as careful in carving as when cutting cabochons or using a trim saw.

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Good Idea!


To reply to a post, click on the FASTREPLY button at the lower right of the message area. That opens a text writing window for you to write in. If you want to post a picture into your message, look below the box and click on the More Options button. A different page will open up, and there is a way to locate the images on your hard drive, and the TCP software will upload the image(s).


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Good luck!



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