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Small Wood Turnings


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I am a new member, I think this is my first posting but I may have entered a question many months ago?? I did some small turnings while living back in Hatboro Pa and I will try and enter a photo to show them and with a coin give a reference for size.


Smallest one is of spalted maple from a tree that was in my yard, the middle size is an imported hardwood, I am not sure what it is and will try and detail that later. The largest one is just a piece of common 2x4 that had a hard knot in one section and I turned in on my Shopsmith tool. I like its shape and always thought it turned out nicer than I could have imagined.


I hope to show a few caricature "netsukes" in a few days or weeks as time allows. They are funny but I wear them around my neck and people seem to really connect with them. I am hoping to use Tom Sterlings book to be able to try my hand at a serious small carving in a materiel that is much harder than I am accustomed to working in.


Comments appreciated... ~ Renny



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