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New From Lititz Pa


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I am new to The Carving Path (I have been a guest before) and also put some small turning into Show and Tell area of this site but thought I should go back and introduce myself. I am a retired, grandfather carver and I love small wood working of many types. I am hoping to try boxwood if I can find a small piece of it or something similar. The posted photos of the carvings that you good folks do are an inspiration and give me reason to at least try.


Every now and again I am able to have a serendipitous moment and this carving that I post today was one of them. Done a good number of years ago in the mid 80’s I carved this from a deer bone (leg) that our dog brought to us from her travels into the woods of Mt Pocono in Pa.


I first used a coping saw to section the bone and then once I had a fairly flat piece drew whale in pencil and then scroll sawed* the basic shape and then used a sharp Murphy knife to do rough detail and then a dremel to detail. Sanded down to about 600 wet/dry and then polished with white jewelers rouge. ALWAYS wear a mask when working bone if there is any chance of airborne dust. Epoxied to a flat metal tie bar.


I entered this in my carving clubs show and took a blue ribbon and I use it to this day on those rare occasions when I wear a tie. Now I just need to start this effort once again and 2009 seem like a good year to begin again. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Thanks… Renny


* Used a special blade


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