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Intro from Dollmaker


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Hello to you all,


Not real sure I should be here but I do qualify as a "small scale carver". I've been an e- aquaintance of Janel for many years as I've always been drawn to her work no matter what else was capturing my attention at the time....


I've been carving miniature animal dolls out of wood for the last year and have enjoyed reading the posts here regarding working and designing with wood. The dolls I make are all fully jointed, 100% wood, and under 2 inches in total height.


Hoping that my dolls are not regarded as too cutsie. Yes, I do love simplified form but it is not my total goal. I do take wood seriously and maybe that'll tip the scales....I've arrived at this in my middle age after many years of oil painting, graphics, soft scupture and a lot of soul searching. I am very interested in the characature/cartooning aspect of traditional Japanese Netsuke or Ojime animal depictions and hope to grow with a greater understanding of that....


Here is one of my recent works out of Dogwood. Little Nute (as I call him) is 1 3/16th inches in height. He's a pig :)




Thank you to the administrators for putting this forum on.



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Hello Christine!


Thank you for your introduction and photo! I have enjoyed watching your work over the years, you are a talented and creative person.


Please feel welcome to take part in what goes on here. For a group reminder, the very few founding principles of this group:


"The Carving Path welcomes carvers from many disciplines, whose work involves small scale carving. We hope that this forum will provide a friendly, informative and accessible place for communication and learning."


I look forward to the added diversity and contributions you will make to this interesting forum of ideas, talents and experience!



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