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Hello, new memeber from MI


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I had earned my BFA from Siena Heights College MI many years ago Yeah that was before it became a university!... my study was in metalsmithing. I also attended Cranbrook's metalsmithing program for a year. Unfortunatly other committments in life tend to rule how my time and energy are spent. I did go back to Siena for a semester to get some studio time in a few years back and made a small gate... It was great fun! If I were to be able to truley dedicate myself to my art I would love to have a blacksmith shop. I love Gates and other Architectural Ornamentation.


For now I spend time doing drawings for friends.




I've done some work in silver and small castings and think this may be more realistic to get back into working with metal than a full blown smity. I would like to do more work in metals and have started looking for sites where I can get information and ideas.

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Hi Wendy,


Welcome to The Carving Path Forum! I hope that you have time to read through the archives from the past four years, finding the topics that will give you some good information about your area of interest. Thanks for the photo of your drawing!



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Your drawing is wonderful. If your metal work is of the same quality it will be a pleasure to view.


I have a nicely equipped metal shop but I prefer working in small scale with simple hand tools in wood and metal. A 5 piece set of small wood carving tools is as versatile as a pencil is for illustration. Small scale doesn't require a large work area like larger sculpture and the tools are easy to transport to where you want to work.


I also like carving metal but the downside is it's more tool centric. Wood carving I use my 5 piece set, a few hand ground carving knives and a $12.95 set of rifler files. The file set isn't that big of deal.


For metal engraving/carving I really, really want a Lindsay Airgraver but it's to large of investment for my hobby status and current income. It is high on my wish list when the time comes. I'm getting the job done with homemade tools but that has limited my work and they have been time consuming to build.


There are three forums I frequent that inspire me at the work bench. I look at each forum as forms of metal/wood/stone sculpture and each has overlapping skills. I'm not really a knife builder but the process is fascinating and applicable to my long term goals.


As important as the craft they cover is the quality of the individuals that belong. Overall the members on each are courteous and helpful. There are also many world class artist that are regular posters. There seems to be a correlation between artistic skill and a gentle willingness to share those skills that I find fascinating.


I hope they inspire your work like they have mine and I look forward to seeing the end sculptures.






Welcome to The Carving Path!

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